Better Science... Better Business

We explore ideas and create solutions for business and organizations.


Using the combination of scientific tools around a lab ecosystem, we create new perspectives about business models.


Science: a better way to lead business

Banks in Twitter: From Single Message to Data and Visual Analytics strategies

We present an efficient method that ignities the debate on the need to implement a social media strategy under the data-driven concept.

Design of a software of Data Management and Analysis in Patient Treatments through Video Games

Facilitate the work of physician for treatments, bringing capacities of data analytics through secure managementof the information generated

Academic Behavior Analysis in Virtual Courses Using a Data Mining Approach

Event data log test to understand pattern in students

Study of crime status in Colombia and Development of a citizen security App

How open Data help the Citizen Security?

Rethinking Branch Banking Network

Which is the best way to optimize the branch banking newtwork in megacities?

Emergence of Corrupt: Community Structure of Growing Financial Networks

AI against Money Laudering Networks: The Colombian Case

Smart Sustainable Cities


Using the laboratory ecosystem, the Ocox Technologies incubates our ideas to develop new solutions for real estate and financial industries.


Using the laboratory ecosystem, the Ocox Brain develop new solutions for organizations in several industries.

About Us

We founded Ocox in 2019 with a single goal: to be the most creative and ground-breaking technology firm in Latin America. We develop our insights around Ocox Lab, where we incubate our ideas in Ocox brain or approach each of our allies and clients with new proposals to develop customized scientific strategies for their business. We are leveraging continuously on advances in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Network Science and Complexity Science.​

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Years of experience

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Oscar Granados, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

I remain fascinated with how organizations view the world, but now they need a highly unconventional way to build products and services: "business needs science".

Oscar has a PhD in Computational Social Science, MS in International Affairs, MA in International Relations and BS in Economics.

Olmer García

Chief Technology Officer

Since joining our team, Olmer has played a crucial role in the continued success of Ocox. His exceptional technical skills, true passion, and creativity have inspired our growth.

Olmer has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, MS in Electronics and Computing Engineering and a BS in Mechatronic Engineering.

Cesar Díaz

Chief Scientist Officer

Cesar is one of our co-founders, with an eye for what makes a business succeed. With years in the Big Data and Advanced Analytics research, Cesar is ready to lead your organization on the path to success.

Cesar has a PhD in Computer Science, MS in Electronic Engineering and a BS in Electrical Engineering.

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Better Science... Better Business

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